Closing out the weekend is always a blah time in our household. We love weekends (doesn't everyone?), and it always brings a measure of sadness when Sunday hits the time of day that feels less like a weekend and more like a weeknight. But a what a great weekend it was. I started the weekend off with some of my favorite friends and ended the weekend off with my favorite neighbors, and in between I enjoyed sunshine on the lake, pizza and a movie with the family, a wonderful time worshipping the Lord at church, and a Sunday afternoon nap. Ahhh, good times.

So I salute you, Weekend, for your consistency and your flexibility, for girls-only getaways alongside great family time. For nights with too little sleep, balanced by days of napping the afternoon away. For friends, and family, and coffee, and gummy bears. And although you always leave me wanting more, Weekend, you are a friend of mine - always welcome in this home. Come again, and next time, stay a little longer if you will.